“We know that our clients will profit from the convenience of eTriever’s device independent mobility. The mobile office is now.”

Ron Sterne,
CEO of Labrador Technologies Inc.


Welcome to eTriever®


eTriever is a fast, web-based oil and gas data retriever and visualizer available on your Desktop and Tablet. Its intuitive user interface allows you to swiftly sift through IHS’ vast supplies of oil and gas data to make informed decisions quickly.

Why is eTriever® so convenient?


You can move seamlessly between your desktop and your iPad™, using identical functionality.


You can access your company’s proprietary data, as well as IHS data, offering you the ideal benefit of accessing them both at the same time.


You have global, mobile access to the industry’s leading source of current Canadian Oil & Gas data. 3G, (as well as access via a wired network or Wi-Fi) makes phased implementation of eTriever effortless.

eTriever® Overview Video


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quote-start The eTriever browser gives customers the flexibility to access IHS Canadian E&P, land and pipeline data through any Internet-connected computer, or through their mobile smart phone or tablet devices. Essentially, eTriever makes their office portable so they can access information, monitor drilling activity, and make business decisions quickly. In addition to the robust data coverage our customers expect, we've also included some new reports that are critical to trouble shooting and managing wells and pipe-lines. No other information provider delivers this data access and reporting on such a large scale, and we are excited to be able to offer it to the industry. quote-end

- Carl Garrison, Vice President of IHS-Canada